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Lama Chenno Wristband

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Lama Chenno Wristband

Lama Chenno wristband is manufactured from 100% genuine silicone, unlike the flimsier and lower-quality rubber or synthetic silicone wristbands found elsewhere. Ours is manufactured to the exact specifications and quality of the popular LiveStrong wristbands - the same thickness, the same deboss depth, and the same durability. Silicone wristband became popular and has been used by fund-raisers for schools, charities, sports teams, non-profits, religious groups, booster clubs, companies, projects, organizations and other causes.

This Lama Chenno is the first known Tibetan Buddhist teaching in modern silicone wristband, and it allows us to raise awareness for our spiritual development while simultaneously supporting our good causes.

Five colors are available for this series: maroon, black, yellow, white and translucent.

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 Product Image   Product Name-   Price 
 Lama Chenno Wristband (Black)   Lama Chenno Wristband (Black)   $10.00
Color: black (prices exclusively for fundraising)
 Lama Chenno Wristband (Yellow)   Lama Chenno Wristband (Yellow)   $10.00
Color: yellow (prices exclusively for fundraising) Note: only 1pc availalable
 Lama Chenno Wristband (White)   Lama Chenno Wristband (White)   $10.00
Color: white (prices exclusively for fundraising) Note: Only 1pc available
Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 products)  
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